The boutique commercial litigation firm of S. George Alfonso has provided his unique brand of elite, aggressive representation and “Concierge Counsel” to an international clientele for over a decade-and-a-half.

Mr. Alfonso and his firm look beyond the four corners of the contract for representation with each client, to address and resolve any issue or concern for which the client may seek counsel and resolution.

As a result of our international presence, our firm enjoys ongoing relationships with affiliated law firms and financial experts around the world, a valued resource available to the firm at all times.

As the founder and lead counsel of The Law Offices of S. George Alfonso, I invite you to contact me directly in order to explore how nearly two decades of successful complex commercial litigation and contract negotiations can benefit your business, yourself and your family.



The Law Offices of S. George Alfonso provide international counsel to overseas clients regarding litigation/arbitration and commercial contract representation in matters both in the U.S. and as around the world.

World Class

United States

S. George Alfonso is licensed to practice law in Texas, Oklahoma and Illinois as well as several federal jurisdictions. The Law Offices of S. George Alfonso provide counsel to both Texas-based clients and U.S./regional clients regarding matters and litigation both within great state of Texas and beyond.